Twenty Twelve Style on BandCamp now

new Kieronononon release "Twenty Twelve Style" is on the Kieronononon bandcamp -


recording complete on Kieronononon EP

yeah, we've finished the recording of the new Kieronononon EP.

there's still the (long-ish) mixing process to go. it's currently just under 20 minutes long. 2012 was the only year since we formed when we didn't release anything, and this EP will be the first Kieronononon release not to feature Orta.

currently unnamed, actual release date unknown.

there is a preview of one of the tracks on our bandcamp:

links added

more links added - downloads for Kieronononon, Stick Unleashed, more remix packs.

new Kieronononon in progress

just a blip/confirmation that new Kieronononon material is "in the pipeline", as they say.

This will be the first Kieronononon recording since 2011's "Komplaints Department".

gradual transitions

I'll be re-uploading all the old content, plus some remix packs over the space of the next week or two. quite a lot of our music and music we like (Kieronononon, Buffalo Wings, Dildano) is available on SPOTIFY. Stick 'Em Up and other game soundtracks, and older music aren't on there - but they'll be re-appearing soon.

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